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Why are we Angie’s List’s highest rated Arborist in Atlanta?

Because at 770-Arborist, we love trees and provide the highest level of tree health care consultation and tree service.
Our ISA Certified Arborists do not work on commission.  This is important because it allows us to be unbiased in diagnosing sick trees and creating tree health plans that help to revive and rejuvenate struggling or injured trees.

Atlanta Arborists Since 1997

We’ve been in trees since 1997 and offer tree health/risk assessments, cabling of weak branches/trunks, tree thinning and pruning, tree planting, and when necessary tree removal.

We also specialize in hazardous removal and can work directly with your insurance company.

If you are in north Atlanta and have tree questions give us a call at 770-Arborist (770-272-6747).  Regardless of whether we do your work or not, we would love to answer any tree question you may have!