Arborist Tips On Pruning a Pin Oak Tree


We had a client call the other day with a pin oak tree in his front yard. His goal was to get more sun on the grass, as well as thin out the tree interior.

Canopy lift Oak Tree Pruning while the tree is younger.

It’s better to make larger cuts on a young tree than to wait for the scaffold branches to get bigger and thicker as the tree grows older. Older trees do not tolerate large cuts, the ratio of the cut face against the size of the trunk, as well as younger trees. Younger trees are vigorous and can withstand more pressure being put on them. That being said, it’s better to train the tree when it is younger, rather than trying to play catch-up later on.


Because of this we recommended to do the canopy lift while the tree is younger. Also, in the video you can see that we typically will use hand saws to thin the interior of the tree, and will also use pole saws  or climb the tree.


This particular client was  slightly outside of our working area. We do printing in Roswell, Marietta, Canton, Alpharetta, Woodstock. Basically the North End of Atlanta.


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About Mark Russell

Mark Russell is an ISA Certified Arborist working in the Metro Atlanta area. Mark got started in the tree care industry in 1997 and continues to offer the highest quality in tree assessments, Pruning, Treatments, Fertilizing, cabling, and removals.

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