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Marietta Tree Removal, or not. That is the question! Japanese Maple with root Issues

Hey guys,

So a client just called me from Marietta Georgia (zip code 30066) with a tree removal question. This location of course is in climate Zone 7b, 8a. Subtropic.

Her question was whether she needed tree removal full out, or if there was anything that could be done such as root pruning to invigorate the health of this Japanese Maple.

Japanese maple with root issues in Marietta Georgia Where the client is considering tree removal.

To remove this Japanese Maple in Marietta or no. That is the question!

From this side the tree’s trunk looked almost healthy

The tree was showing signs of dieback and generally not thriving.

We had been to the client’s house previously and considered root pruning. We had mentioned to her that the root pruning probably would have been better to perform in the winter time while the tree is dormant.

The client did some minor root Crown excavation and was able to see after Excavating the dirt that there was a fairly large damaged area on the trunk.

My suspicion is that when the tree was installed, the landscapers likely used some sort of straps to lift the tree up by the trunk. This is a very damaging practice to the tree. I realize that it is such a Temptation because, just look at it! It’s such a great handle! But don’t take the temptation! A tree’s root ball has tons of small feeding fibers that go into the dirt. When you grab the tree by the trunk, it tears the small root hairs as well as damages the thin cambium layer on the trunk. Instead, you need to make sure to handle the tree by the root ball.

There are so many landscapers in the Metro Atlanta area competing for business, and because of this, many times their Crews don’t have enough training the proper tree installation, grab the tree by the trunk, and this is the result.

At the end of the day, because the size of this tree is likely pretty small, we probably would not recommend full tree removal immediately, however there’s not a ton that can be done To make the tree healthy again. Once the damage is done there is not a lot of stitching or Patchwork that can be done on to the trunk. The Decay pocket is manifesting itself into the trunk and likely won’t be able to be stopped very easy. If at all.

We perform all sorts of tree removal, Tree Service, and tree inspections in the Marietta area. Feel free to reach out to us, and we’d love to serve you if possible!

About Mark Russell

Mark Russell is an ISA Certified Arborist working in the Metro Atlanta area. Mark got started in the tree care industry in 1997 and continues to offer the highest quality in tree assessments, Pruning, Treatments, Fertilizing, cabling, and removals.

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