Why are the tops of my trees dying?

Hey guys, just wanted to shoot a quick video and answer a question that we get often About Tree Service here in Alpharetta Ga. And that is, why are the tops of my trees dying?

As seen in the video below, the answer is that guy wires are not removed from the tree after planting.

Many times people will go with the lowest bid on planting trees, in that scenario often times the lowest bid contractors don’t have the highest education or customer service to inform their customers that when they put guy wires on the tree, they need to remember to take them off after the root system gets established.

Tree services install guy wires to hold the newly-installed trees in place as they’re growing. The problem is, if you do not remove these bracing systems, as the tree gets bigger, it will literally choke itself out from the guy wires not stretching. This is called girdling.

It’s a very simple solution, basically two to three years after the trees are installed, simply go in and remove the guy wires.

In this particular case in the video, the customer spent 4500 for a tree service to install these trees here in Alpharetta Georgia. 15 total Arborvitae were installed. This was five years ago.

Five years later the trees are dying and he’s wondering why.

At the end of the day if the tree service would have simply reminded him or let him know to remove those guy wires, he’s Arborvitae would be healthy. Now he’s facing the issue of removing all of those trees and replanting them. So what he initially thought was 4500, will be at least another 4500 plus probably two to three thousand dollars to remove the dying trees now that they are five years bigger.

Food for thought. If you have any questions let us know. We would love to help you any way we can with tree removal entry Healthcare in the North Atlanta and North Georgia area.

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Mark Russell is an ISA Certified Arborist working in the Metro Atlanta area. Mark got started in the tree care industry in 1997 and continues to offer the highest quality in tree assessments, Pruning, Treatments, Fertilizing, cabling, and removals.

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