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Unbiased Tree Inspections

Since 1997 we’ve encountered hundreds of clients with injured trees because a commission-based salesman “sold” unneeded tree work.

Because the health of your tree is our first concern, our arborists do NOT work off commission.  Instead, we offer a completely unbiased tree health consultation for a nominal fee that at your option you get back in the form of credit toward any future tree work we may perform.  

However,  because we actually perform tree work, we realize some may still remain skeptical at to any potential biases that may remain.  So, in our continued pursuit for full transparency in our integrity,  we also offer you the option to simply let us know that we won’t be able to “throw our name in the hat” regarding the bids you may receive on potential work found. This way, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are performing the work of Consultation Only (not a tree service).   

And as expected, the consultation fee remains the same.   🙂

During the consultation, we visually inspect every tree that is within falling distance of the house checking for:

  • Root stability and root health
  • Mechanical, bacterial and fungal damage to the trunk, canopy, and roots.  Ex. Seiridium and Botryosphaeria canker, hypoxylon fungus etc….
  • Inspect for insect infestation.  Ex.  Emerald Ash Borer, Ambrosia Beetle, Pine Beetle etc…
  • Determine which of your trees poses the highest risk in the case of tree failure
  • Educate on proper pruning, tree spacing, and signs of weakening trees
  • And MUCH more…   We really like talking about trees 🙂

If you hire us to perform tree work for you, great!  We would love to serve you!  If not, no problem.  Our goal is to provide you with the best advice possible.

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