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Atlanta Arborist Blog

Tree Service Aiken SC

By Mark Russell | Feb 16, 2014

a 770-Arborist, Angie’s List’s highest rated arborist in the Atlanta area, is currently offering tree service in Aiken SC.  We offer the highest quality in arboriculture for corrective pruning that will give your trees the best chance in recovery after the ice storm. We are based out of Atlanta and we bring our reputation with …

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Is my tree sick?

By Mark Russell | Oct 13, 2013

Is My Tree Sick? This is a question we get often and is why we offer onsite tree health assessments which help prevent tree failure as well as give you a plan of action to keep your trees happy and healthy for years to come! In this case we were assessing an Elm Tree with a …

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Struggling Cherry Tree

By Mark Russell | Sep 19, 2013

Compassion International

By Mark Russell | Sep 12, 2013

You love Compassion International and so do we! If you hire us and pay with www.Paynate.com, we will GLADLY send 10% of the job price to compassion.  You pay the EXACT SAME PRICE, but you cause a LOT of good in the life of a child. Paynate is powered by PayPal so the 10% gets sent …

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Arborist tips on cleaning and tending a tree wound in Marietta Ga

By Mark Russell | May 21, 2013

When a tree bark gets wounded, it is a good idea to prune and tend the wound. Here is a screen shot explaining why.     A lot of times heavy equipement like bobcats and excavators can bang into trees. The wounds should be properly treated. If they are, many times they can seal off …

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770 Arborist

By Mark Russell | Sep 15, 2011

We LOVE healthy trees!  But after 14years, we have seen too many trees unnecessarily harmed/killed simply due to inexperienced tree services doing bad work. 3-5 years later, when their tree is dying or dead, clients call for help, but oftentimes it is too late.   Because of this, 770Arborist is proud to provide our 100% …

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