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770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service is the trusted service provider for emergency tree removal in Alabama. We work with the Mobile Bay communities on the Eastern Shore, thus providing reliable arborist services in Foley, Fairhope, Daphne, and other communities. Wherever there’s a fallen tree emergency, we’ll be there to assist you.

24/7 Emergency Tree Service in Alabama

At 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service, we have highly trained and certified arborists who can handle any tree emergency in Alabama. We also provide non-emergency tree services to prepare your home for the storm season in Alabama when it’s rather windy.

Emergency Deployment

Our team understands that a tree emergency can happen at any time. That is why if a tree falls on your home or property, 770 Arborist specialists can be there 24/7. Because our emergency service team is on standby, ready to assist you even at odd hours. In addition, we deploy our tree removal crew as fast as 30 minutes after your service request.

Herculean Cranes

At 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service, we don’t rely on third-party heavy equipment providers. Instead, our onsite crew is equipped with all the tools to handle every type of fallen tree emergency in Alabama.

Because of this, we deploy our tree removal team with the Tree Machine, a high-capacity all-terrain herculean crane. It has a total lifting capacity of 44,100 pounds, and its jib can reach 108 feet. So with these tools and equipment at our disposal, our team is fully equipped to handle any size tree.

We Bill Your Insurer Directly

We understand that homeowners may not have prepared for a fallen tree emergency. Therefore, as part of our emergency tree removal in Alabama, we offer zero payments up front. Our specialists work closely with your home insurance company to determine your coverage, so you don’t need to pay anything upfront.

Non-Emergency Tree Service in Alabama

Apart from emergency tree removal in Alabama, 770 Arborist also provides preventive services to help protect your home. In other words, Our team can remove unhealthy trees on your property in non-emergency situations. This includes;

  • Risk Assessment: Our specialists can inspect the trees surrounding your home to look for mold, rot and other potential causes that can make a tree fall. This means we determine potential problems such as tree overgrowth and branches that can hit your home’s windows or roof.
  • Preventive Tree Removal: Our tree removal services have been saving homes since 1997. After identifying the trees with the highest probability of falling on your property, we deploy our herculean crane to remove them.
  • Pruning and Trimming Services: However, not every tree surrounding your property needs to be removed. Some of them only need trimming and pruning. Our arborists carefully clear out branches and trim canopies, so trees grow away from your home.
  • Tree Appraisals: If you need to determine the value of the trees on your property, we can provide you a fair market value estimate of each tree. Then you’ll know how much they’re worth.

Work with Seasoned Tree Removal Experts

770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service, we consider a fallen tree emergency seriously. When you work with our expert crew, you leverage over 25 years of industry experience. Call (770) 758-8590 today or fill out this contact form for a free estimate.

Emergency Tree Removal Near Mobile AL & Eastern Shore (Daphne, Fairhope, Foley Area) – Post-Hurricane Sally

If a tree has fallen onto your Mobile Bay-area home and you need the tree removed right away, removed safely, and with no money spent up front, then call Tree Machine – AKA 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service. Whether it was a storm like Hurricane Sally or just bad luck, help is only a phone call away. We provide:

  • 24-hour emergency service: call us day or night and speak to a human (probably Mark)
  • 30-minute dispatch: we send our crane & crew faster than you can get a pizza delivered
  • 0 dollars out-of-pocket: you don’t pay us, because we bill your insurance company directly


Although we’re from Georgia (where we’re minor celebrities in the tree space), but we travel where we’re needed, so now (September 2020) we’re in Alabama in response to Hurricane Sally – currently working around Mobile Bay communities, particularly the Eastern Shore.  We’ve helped homeowners in Daphne, Fairhope, Foley, and other nearby communities.

Chiefly, we have the crane and the expertise to end the tree nightmare, and because we’ll bill your insurance company you won’t owe us a dime.

Call us now, day or night, or scroll down to learn more about how we’re uniquely able to help you.


Tree Machine is the finest emergency tree-removal team in America: Because it’s made up of (1) the only tree removal crane in Alabama bigger and stronger than a tree, and (2) the only tree service crew that makes saving your home look easy. So if you’ve got a big problem requiring a Herculean crane and unflappable tree experts, call us now and we’ll send the Tree Machine crew within 30 minutes.

If a tree has fallen on your property and damaged it, call our “red phone” at Call us for emergency tree removal in the Mobile – Daphne – Foley – Fairhope, AL area any time, 24/7.

Or read on to find out more about what we do and how we do it.

Your challenges: fallen tree, no good help available, and general chaos

You’re thankful nobody was injured too badly, but that’s where the good news ends. A tree just fell on or very near your home. Maybe the fallen tree was a complete surprise, or maybe you meant to take care of it, but never found the time. In any case, you need the tree removed now.

So that is easier said than done. You may be reading this after business hours, while you’re in the middle of a storm, or after calling nearby tree services that don’t answer the phone. You’re also concerned whether the tree company will rip you off, or your homeowner’s insurance will flake out on you, or both.

Lastly, a fallen tree makes your house seem small and vulnerable and the whole situation makes you feel helpless.

The solution: Tree Machine

Our crane makes the tree seem small, and one call to us makes you realize your tree emergency is solvable – and maybe even not as bad as you thought. So with Tree Machine, you’re in control again.



Ever had a cavity? Surprisingly, getting a cavity removed is much more of a pain and inconvenience than having a tree removed from your home – if you call the right crew.

What’s so special about our crane (one half of team Tree Machine)?

  • Its strength – its overwhelming, almost obscene strength. For example, the first time we saw it lift a tree, we couldn’t believe it was built by humans – people who need food, people who were babies once.  The Tree Machine can lift 44100 pounds.  That’s the equivalent of 8-9 SUVs.  When it lifts the tree(s) off of your property, you may experience the same feeling of “Whoa” you did when you first saw the Space Shuttle lift off.
  • Its reach. Tree Machine can reach 108 feet high, that is well above the canopies of most trees.
  • Its remote-controlled operation. For example, that lets the operator stand away from the machine if nearby power lines are a factor.  Because it’s remote-controlled, Tree Machine requires only one expert to operate it. Because of this, we don’t need to get a whole crew out of bed and we can respond and get to your home quickly.
  • Its hands. Tree Machine handles a tree the way Paul Bunyan handled an ax. Tree Machine can function like a normal crane with a hook when we need it, or we can use the saw head and use both the grapple and saw.  The arm’s saw can cut a 2-foot-thick tree (and of course we can also send a man up to make any cuts necessary). With the grapple head, Tree Machine is FAST. In fact, in some situations the grapple head can take apart a tree 15 times faster than a traditional crew can. That’s because there is no rigging needed – no ropes to set up. Tree Machine lifts its arm up, grabs the piece, cuts it, and brings it back to the ground, and that’s that.
  • Its feet. Tree Machine can scoot into tight areas. Unlike traditional cranes that must be lifted up on all four outriggers, Tree Machine uses its tires plus its outriggers to stabilize it. Another benefit is that Tree Machine doesn’t usually need to extend outriggers into the road and block traffic. Instead its outrigger can just extend into the grass, with its protective pads.
  • It’s self-contained. Additionally, the cab fits a whole crew. Even if we need to send multiple Tree Machine experts you don’t have a caravan of vehicles pulling up to your home. It can also haul a mini skid steer on its back, which is what we use to remove the chunks of tree and other debris from your property. Lastly, the Tree Machine is fully equipped with lights, including lights on the boom. That allows us to light up the whole work area and work even in the middle of the night.
  • Its family. We own the Tree Machine crane. Because of this we don’t need to rent a crane from a crane company. We ARE the crane company. That may sound like a minor point, but in fact it’s huge. It means the Tree Machine crane is available whenever you need it. Of course, there is always a chance we’re saving the day at another person’s home, but that tends to be quick work for team Tree Machine. You can rest easy knowing the cavalry is on the way.




What’s so special about our crew?

  1. Our experience. We’ve safely handled tree emergencies since 1997.
  2. We’re available day or night, 7 days a week.
  3. We work directly with your insurance company. With over 2200 insurance claims under our belts, we know how to ensure your claim gets covered.
  4. We’re certified arborists. Not out-of-work landscapers with chainsaws.
  5. Our reviews. “Tree Machine,” is 770 Arborist’s emergency tree brand.  You can see what customers say if you Google “770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service.”
  6. We pick up promptly and guide you through the next steps.

Call us for emergency tree removal in the Mobile Bay, Alabama area any time, 24/7.


What Our Clients Say

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770 Arborist what clients say
5 Stars Rating
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“Remarkable service! They give straight forward and trustworthy advice. The recommendations were clear and concise, and they took the time to educate me on my options and their rationale. My advice is simple, if you have tree issues, hire these guys!”

Michael D.

5 Stars Rating
270 Google Reviews

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I had a 2-day job of 11 very large trees and various other smaller trees removed to clear my backyard. The price was very fair (lowest of three bids). Professional, skilled, and worked extremely well as a team.”

Kriste E.

5 Stars Rating
270 Google Reviews

“Top notch 1st class professional company that does exactly what they say. They were at our house promptly on the weekend for an emergency tree removal. Thanks again!”

Kevin R.

5 Stars Rating
270 Google Reviews

“This company is the benchmark for tree care, absolutely top drawer in every area. My unqualified recommendation.”

Barry H.

5 Stars Rating
270 Google Reviews

“They had the entire tree removed and chipped in under an hour. No damage to my property or my neighbors! Anyway I can not say enough good things about this experience.”

Matthew H.

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