Emergency Tree Service (Alpharetta Georgia)

(This video was shot in Alpharetta Georgia, however we also do emergency tree work in Marietta, Roswell, Kennesaw, Acworth, Woodstock, cumming, Canton, Sandy Springs and all of the North Atlanta area.)

Emergency tree service Alpharetta Georgia: If you’re watching this video you might have just had a tree hit your house. My name is Mark Russell with 770 ARBORIST.  Today we are doing emergency tree service work in Alpharetta Georgia. We also do hazard tree removal.  

What I want to talk about real quick are insurance requirements and how emergency insurance claims work with regard to trees on houses. In this case we are in Alpharetta Georgia. Here we just got done. We’re here off Kimball Bridge road where a branch hit a house.

Here are the components of of an insurance claim and how to make sure that it’s going to get paid out. Basically, the first thing that an insurance company is going to need to have is damaged. So when you go into a contract with your insurance company and a tree hits your house they are responsible to make you whole. But there has to be damage to what they call modified structures on the property. That is your house, your driveway, a mailbox, or a deck.  So what does damaged mean?  So let’s say on someone’s car….. A door ding, a little bitty scratch, that would be enough in the case of a car  for an auto claim. You could say hey I’m going to file on your insurance. I need to paint my car. So, if you get a scratch on your shingle, technically that’s damaged, and you can claim it. Depending on the deductible, maybe you want to do that maybe you don’t. But, regardless it’s mandatory that you have damage. That’s number one. Number two, is what does an insurance company cover? Now, number one has two parts regarding trees. The removal of the tree off the house, the modified structure, the fence, or the car for example.  Number two, they cover debris hauling. Now listen to this because this is important! When you call and you make your claim with the agent, one thing that they typically cover is a five-hundred-dollar debris hauling fee. Now, that’s a hundred percent different than removal of the tree off your structure. Ok, so if we have a big tree go over and hit the house obviously $500 is not going to take care of that. So there’s two parts to that claim removal the tree off the structure and the debris hauling fee. The last part that’s typically covered is a tarping fee to tarp the roof.

So, listen if you’re in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Milton, Marietta, Woodstock or Canton.  We work in all of these areas. I’ve been in this business since 1997 serving the North Atlanta area the majority of that time. If you have any questions I would love to help you out. You call me directly. I’m a Certified Arborist and you can’t forget the number. We are very highly rated as you can see on our Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List Reviews. Give me call 770 arborist we would love to take care of you and help you navigate through the process of your insurance claim.  

Thanks so much you guys take care.

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