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Emergency Tree Removal in Fayetteville GA: On-the-Job Video from September 2020

About this emergency tree removal in Fayetteville

Around 5:00 in the evening on September 24th, I got a call from a homeowner in Fayetteville, Georgia. They had just gotten home from vacation and noticed that the recent storms knocked a tree onto their house. It was raining like crazy, and water was leaking in.

After a quick discussion and seeing the pictures of the tree, we knew what to do right away. We dispatched the tree machine as well as a team and we were on the road by 5:24.

We arrived on the jobsite, and the first thing we noticed was super wet grass. So we had to set up ground mats to help our crane across the grass without damaging the grass. It went perfectly. (The grass still looked great when we got done.)

We were able to get close enough that we could make a solid lift and ensure that there was no additional damage to the house. That was especially important because the customers said they plan to sell their house within the next few months.

After removing the tree, we instantly got busy tarping the roof to ensure minimal water intrusion. That was a success, too. (See the photos at the link below.) That process is why insurance companies love us: We dispatch right away (in this case within 24 minutes of the call coming in), got our customers dried in, and save their insurance carrier thousands of dollars in water damage claims.

The team did awesome, the customer loved the work, and the insurance carrier appreciated the speedy and thorough work on short notice.

Need to end a tree emergency?

If you live in or near Fayetteville, GA and need safe, uneventful emergency tree removal by experienced specialists, call 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service.

We specialize in ending fallen tree emergencies throughout greater Atlanta, throughout Georgia, and beyond.

Because we work directly with insurance companies and have relationships with most of them, there’s no money up-front (your insurance company pays us).

Our usual dispatch time is about 60 minutes or less, from the time you call us to the time we show up.

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