Hidden Springs Tree Removal


770Arborist has contracted with Hidden Spring’s HOA to remove mis-planted Leyland Cypress trees on the HOA’s common ground property.

Also, as you may already know, the majority of the “front-yard” trees within the subdivision were mis-planted. Specifically, they are large, upper canopy trees that will reach 50-75′ high with trunks widths of over 35″, planted in extremely tight spaces. Many of these trees are already beginning to push up driveways and grow into water-meter boxes.

After consulting with the city arborist, at the option of each individual homeowner, we have secured a tree-removal permit via Holly Springs to remove these front yard trees.

Normally, a minimum trip fee to remove a single tree would run around $445 (without stump grinding)

While we are working for the HOA, we can remove your tree for $215 (without stump grinding). For those who take advantage of this, we will also be coordinating stump removal at around $35.

**** Please note, under the permit issued by the city of Holly Springs, any front-yard trees removed will have to be replaced within this next planting season (fall/winter). The HOA is currently discussing different options for a more suitable species of tree and will have more information to you shortly.

We will be working for the HOA Friday September 5th as well as one day during the week of September 8th.

If you would like your tree removed at this discounted rate, or you have questions, please fill in the form below.

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