How big is too big to prune?

How big is too big to prune?

Hi it’s Mark Russell with 770 Arborist, with another example of “How big is too big to make pruning cuts on your tree”.

This is a great example of too big. So here’s the deal guys, trees can only grow on the cambium layer where new cells are created. This would be the heartwood in the middle of that old branch that was there. Here what you see is the cambium layer creating new growth trying to compartmentalize the branch that was there.

So what has happened here? I can’t tell if this one was broke out. It might have been broke out or might have snapped. But I don’t think so because, if it snapped typically you would see pealing right here and the angle looks as if someone had cut it. So a lot of times people say “Oh I don’t like that thing. It’s leaning over the house. Can you cut it?” So the problem is that there is a temptation there for a tree service is to say “Oh yeah we can.” because it’s money right? But don’t do it!!!

This tree is an example of why you don’t want to cut that big limb. The better way to remedy this it is to go way up to the tip of the branch and lighten the load on the branch, or by cabling the the branch and trunk together. But ultimately when you make a big face cut it’s a competition. Can the tree grow new cells to come across the wound, and can the tree compartmentalize the decay on the inside by changing the chemical composition of the cells of the tree quicker than the decay can enter in? In Georgia it’s so moist. I mean guys look at that stuff in there. Look, wet and moist. It is the South. It’s humid. When I was in Colorado everything gets dry and never deteriorated before sealing off. Here it’s not like that.

Anyway, keep your cut small and don’t succumb to the temptation of cutting a Big Branch guys. This is Mark Russell with 770 Arborist, if you ever have any questions I’d love to take care of you and answer your questions. You can call me at 770 Arborist. We have been serving Atlanta since 1997 y’all take care

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