Is my tree sick?

Is My Tree Sick?

This is a question we get often and is why we offer onsite tree health assessments which help prevent tree failure as well as give you a plan of action to keep your trees happy and healthy for years to come!

In this case we were assessing an Elm Tree with a serious canker and insect infestation.

We visited a clients house and immediately saw that the tree was seriously struggling.

Upon further inspection, we found that the tree had a sever canker on the back side which was totally invisible from the clients house.  These type of defects in trees can be particularly hazardous because when they are out of sight, which means they are out of mind.

We also found that the tree had been attacked by an boring insect as was seen by all of the sawdust around the trunk and root flair.

Causality of the declining health of the tree is difficult to determine.  Perhaps it was the insect infestation, but perhaps not.  There were several other problems noted on the tree that could have caused the decline of it’s health: Age, lack of maintenance/not pruning when required, etc.  Once a tree’s health starts to struggle, it literally is ringing the dinner bell for bugs.

Trees are wonderful but also really heavy and dangerous.  It is a great idea to have a certified arborist asses your tree’s health.

So if you are asking “Is my tree sick?”, give us a call at 770-Arborist (770) 272-6747 to schedule your appointment today!

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