Why multiple-trunks on Multi-trunk trees fail at the same time.

As a certified Arborist many times we are asked to Assess the stability of codominant or try Dominic trees. These are trees that have either two or three trunks sprouting out of the ground.
Over the years I have noticed a pattern that when one trunk fails often time mini trunks fail all at once. And Knowing that there are no horizontal fibers holding one trunk to that other, it made me wonder why one would fail After the other.

While there may not be actual horizontal internal wood grain fibers connecting the multiple trunks, there are in fact small root hairs growing between the two different trunks. These micro Roots get entangled in such a way so that when one trunk fails and pivots, it causes an uplifting action on the opposing trunk and the micro roots that are entangled in the one that failed.

This information is good to know, because if you see a codominant or try Dominic trunk that has failed, it’s good to take note of the one that still remaining as there’s a good chance that it will fail shortly thereafter Due to the destabilization effect that happens.

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