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Emergency Tree Service in Newnan GA: UGLY Fallen Tree Situation after a Tornado

If a a tree hit your house in or near Newnan GA, and you need a professional and experienced with a crane that can pull the tree off the house easily, contact 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service day or night, 7 days a week.

Not sure if it’s an “emergency” tree removal situation?  If it looks anything like what’s in these photos we took of a fallen tree removal job in Newnan, then it’s an emergency, and that means we can help right away (usually within the hour):



About this emergency tree removal in Newnan

In March of 2020, a tornado touched down near Jackson Street in Newnan, Georgia, and we dispatched our Tree Machine (TM) crane to remove the tree from two houses (neighbors of each other) After we received all of the pertinent info, we arrived at the Jackson Street site in about an hour and 20 minutes. That is with our monster crane, Bobcat, support trucks, and five men to get the job done.

That first house had around six trees tangled up and lying on the fence and on the side of the house. The second house had two trees across their shed and fence. Once we got both of those jobs done we received another call from a house near the intersection of Sullivan Road and GA-34. At this point it was about 8:00 in the evening, and we arrived on site at around 8:45. Our crane is equipped with lights and a generator and we were able to remove the pine tree off of the house with no issue. It was an easy lift for our monster crane.

If you live in Peachtree City, Newnan, or Fayetteville, or anywhere in that area, we have TWO of these awesome Tree Machine (TM) cranes, we can dispatch them out to your house with no money out of pocket (because work directly with your insurance carrier). Once you get your claim number from your insurance company, justgive us a call and we will be out to take care of your tree emergency, get a tarp on your roof, and get you back to normal ASAP.

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