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Emergency Tree Removal in Roswell GA: Video / Photos & Explanation of Crane Technique

About this nighttime emergency tree removal in Roswell

We got a call around 9:30pm for a tree emergency in Roswell, GA. We arrived about 10:30pm.

Because we have direct billing relationships with almost all of the insurance carriers out there, we were able to dispatch one of our two huge cranes right away. We used our crane’s grapple saw on this job. We took apart that tree a piece at a time.

By 12:30am the entire head was taken apart and sitting down on the ground. That was enough to have the weight off of the house for the night, so that situation was stable until morning.

We came back the next morning, pulled the trunk off of the house, removed the brick from the chimney, and installed the tarp.

This Roswell job was typical in terms of our speed in getting out to our customer’s home and taking care of the super-hairy emergency part of the job, even late at night. Under an hour!

Here are photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zKqas2kE75EXsMLK8

Need to end a tree emergency?

If you live within about 100 miles of Atlanta and need the safest, most efficient, best-equipped, most professional emergency tree removal service on God’s green earth, call 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service – day or night.

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