Emergency Tree Removal Tennessee

Tennessee Emergency Tree Removal Near You

Tennessee is a special neck of the woods for trees. For starters, it’s got over 8 billion trees. The majority consists of oak and hickory, but there are dozens of other types, from cottonwoods to cucumbertrees.

In addition to the variety of trees, Tennessee has a buffet of rough weather.  Over the land of Davy Crockett are skies with hurricanes, tornados, floods, derechos, microbursts, damaging winds, and snow and ice storms.

We both know Tennessee’s a great place to live, and more and more people having been coming in in recent years.  But if you’re reading this, it probably feels like a rough place right about now, because of the tree that fell on or very near your home.  That’s where we can come in.  We’re specialists in emergency tree removal, and we can help you if you live in Tennessee.  Call 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service now for emergency tree removal in Tennessee, or read on to learn more.


We’ve saved homes and properties since 1997, are I.S.A. Certified Arborists, and know how to submit a claim that your insurance company will pay for.  That means you pay no money out-of-pocket.  With over 1200 claims processed over the last 20+ years, we have a pretty good system for getting your tree removal claim covered.

Ending Tree Emergencies in Tennesee

You may have noticed the Georgia flavor of our site, and noticed that our HQ is near Atlanta.  It’s true we’re your neighbors to the south, but we’re in a unique position to offer emergency tree removal near you in Tennessee because we go where we’re needed.

A safe and uneventful emergency tree removal often is not as simple as calling the tree company down the street, for a few reasons:

  1. The nearest tree company may not be the best tree company for your job.
  1. If a storm has hit your area, everyone needs emergency tree removal at the same time. Local companies are swamped with calls and may have to clear a small forest before they get to you.
  1. No Tennessee tree service (that we know of) has our not-so-secret weapon for ending tree emergencies: the Tree Machine.

Specific areas of Tennessee we serve include:

    • Nashville and nearby
    • Chattanooga and nearby
    • Knoxville and nearby
    • Murfreesboro and nearby
    • Franklin and nearby

What’s Tree Machine?

Our crane is the biggest, baddest thing you’ll see this side of the Smoky Mountains. Tree Machine can reach 108 feet high, lift 44,100 pounds at a time, and slice through logs two feet thick with its cutting attachment. In some situations, using its grapple head, it can take apart a tree 15 times faster than a traditional crew can.

Why hire 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service for your emergency tree removal in Tennessee?

At the risk of being too brief, here are 3 big reasons in a nutshell: