Why are the tips of my tree dying?

What’s up guys? It’s Mark Russell, 770 Arborist with an awesome example of landscaping affecting a mature oak tree.

So today we’re in Atlanta, Georgia. We have this awesomely beautiful house. Look at this yard behind me you guys. It’s so nice, so the problem is, is these big mature oak trees that are on these properties over time, they establish a root system. The drainage gets set up a certain way and then when diesel-powered machines come in and change the drainage, these little fine root hairs, they just get annihilated.

This is such a good example and why I wanted to show you guys. Okay, so remember, right side roots feed right side branches typically. The trunk system is like a pack of straws and so it will move that material up the right side or the left side. So look at this.

So if you notice, I’m gonna switch it around, we’ve got this beautiful landscape right through here, okay, and it kind of twists around this tree. Okay, now watch this you guys. This is the interesting thing. As we pan up, the backside of this tree is alive, but look at the front side. All dead! It matches the pattern. Look, it goes around just like that around the tree. All the back side has living material. All the front side does not.

So that is food for thought for you guys. When you’re putting in landscape, give your trees buffer. This tree should have had buffer by about 15, 20 feet on your old mature trees, remember, you have vigorous when they’re young, maintenance when they’re mature, and then decline once they slip out of that mature phase and a little bit of anything, just like our bodies, a little bit of anything will affect them and make it hard to heal.

So guys if you have any questions, 770 Arborist is our phone number. Been in Atlanta since 1997 taking care of trees you guys. Take it easy, buh-bye.

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