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February 22, 2024

A tidy lawn is the pride and joy of every homeowner, but maintaining a neat property is not an easy endeavor. If you have fallen trees in your yard, calling a professional team is the best way to have them removed effectively and efficiently. A professional tree service in Acworth will be equipped with the right skills, tools, and knowledge to handle fallen trees, which can often pose safety and damage risks to your home. 

When it comes to tree maintenance and removal services in Acworth, 770 Arborist is the top choice for homeowners for more than two decades.

Our Services

770 Arborist is available to serve you 24/7. We always answer our phones to cater to your needs. Call us any time, any day, and we will dispatch our crane and crew in under 30 minutes. 

Here are some of the extensive services we offer to secure your property and enhance its appearance: 

  • Emergency tree removal: If a tree falls on your property after a severe storm, we will remove it using state-of-the-art equipment. Our advanced techniques and equipment allow us to conduct safe and orderly emergency tree removal in Acworth. 
  • Tree appraisal: Entrust your tree valuation needs to our team. We have the expertise and experience to assign a value to any tree on your property.
  • Tree risk assessment: Our tree service in Acworth includes risk assessment, where we identify, analyze and evaluate a tree to identify weak areas that may pose a risk of harm to your property. This allows you to mitigate risk and minimize unnecessary tree removal.
  • Tree trimming and pruning: We also offer landscape maintenance through our trimming and pruning tree service in Acworth. Our solutions include canopy lifting and thinning, vista pruning and crown reduction. We also perform heating cuts on selected greenery.

Remedial emergency tree removal in Acworth GA, February 2021

Why Choose Us

When looking for a tree service in Acworth, choosing a reputable company with a solid track record makes all the difference. We are an experienced tree removal company that prioritizes your satisfaction and unique requirements in every job we tackle.

Enlisting 770 Arborist for your tree maintenance and removal needs means you gain access to an experienced team that offers top-tier equipment and expertise:

Remedial emergency tree removal in Acworth GA, February 2021

Specialized Crane

Fallen trees are common after a bad storm, and if a tree falls on your property, it’s tempting to deal with the issue yourself to have it removed as soon as possible. However, clearing away a fallen tree without the proper equipment may cause harm to life and property. But with our specialized crane, the Tree Machine, any tree emergency becomes solvable. The machine can lift up to 44,100 pounds and reach 108 feet high.

Experienced Team

Our team can remove trees in both emergency and non-emergency situations. All our workers are trained and certified to operate our equipment and execute the tree removal job with safety and efficiency in mind. 

Direct to Insurance Billing

There are no upfront, out-of-pocket costs when choosing 770 Arborist as your partner for emergency tree removal in Acworth. This is because we bill our services directly to your insurance company. We know the insurance process like the back of our hand, and we can get your claims approved by your insurer. Since 1997, we have handled over 1200 claims.

Remedial emergency tree removal in Acworth GA, February 2021

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Service in Acworth, GA

770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service specializes in one thing: emergency tree removal in Georgia, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We serve all of North Georgia, including Acworth. Because we work directly with insurance companies and have relationships with most of them, there’s no money up-front (your insurance company pays us).  Our usual dispatch time is about 60 minutes or less, from the time you call us to the time we show up. Call 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service now.

Below is a video of us on a somewhat unusual job in Acworth: a remedial emergency tree removal, where the tree service that was originally called accidentally knocked a tree onto the customer’s home. With our experience and big-rig equipment we got it squared away safely and without incident. In the video Mark explains how you should (and should not) handle the insurance claim when a tree service drops a tree on your house, and the photos below show us in action removing the tree with our crane.

Remedial emergency tree removal in Acworth GA, February 2021

Mark’s comments

We got an urgent call from Acworth GA from a tree service that was just starting out. They didn’t have the right equipment or experience, and a tree ended up falling on their customer’s house. Oops. That’s when 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service was called to parachute in, get the tree off the house safely, and get the customer tarped-in, which we did in a few short hours.

The homeowner filed a claim with his insurance company, because the homeowner has first-party insurance that (typically) will take care of the tree removal.  The alternative would be for him to chase down the tree service’s general liability insurance carrier, file a claim with them, and hope they kick in for some of the costs of getting the tree removed and repairing the damages – all while the tree is still sitting on the house.

We responded to the emergency situation with our crane, removed the tree from the house, and billed the homeowners insurance carrier directly. In that case the homeowner’s insurance has the option to “subrogate,” meaning they try to recoup their costs, including the deductible of the homeowner, from the insurance carier of the tree service that made the mistake.

By the way, I (Mark Russell) am a licensed insurance adjuster, and I work directly with your insurance company – meaning no money down and no money out of your pocket. We dispatch a million dollars worth of equipment, remove the tree off your house, and bill your carrier directly.

Call 770 Arborist at (770) 758-8590 or submit a tree service request using our website form.

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Michael D.

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“HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I had a 2-day job of 11 very large trees and various other smaller trees removed to clear my backyard. The price was very fair (lowest of three bids). Professional, skilled, and worked extremely well as a team.”

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“Top notch 1st class professional company that does exactly what they say. They were at our house promptly on the weekend for an emergency tree removal. Thanks again!”

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“This company is the benchmark for tree care, absolutely top drawer in every area. My unqualified recommendation.”

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Matthew H.

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