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During non storm times, we do regular day-to-day tree removal. If you need a quote to have your trees removed, we got the best equipment, the best insurance, and 20 years of experience removing trees. Give us a call and we would love to give you a free quote!


If you have a fallen tree, don’t touch the tree! Trees that have fallen are destabilized and dangerous. Many times right after a tree falls, it’s during times of storms where homeowners are cooped up in their house and not going to work. (Think hurricanes or ice storms). If you are a homeowner facing the big temptation to break out their chainsaw and begin doing work. Don’t do it! There are a few reasons why. First… Listen to your what your wife just said… You’re not a professional at removing trees off of houses which of course increases your chance of injury. In that case, your homeowners insurance is not going to pay for it. Secondly, like she just told you, you have homeowners insurance specifically for times like these. Why take the risk? Let professionals handle it. Third, what she didn’t tell you but is equally as important, is in terms of what insurance companies will generally pay for in the removal of a tree off of a house breaks down into two separate line items:

1. The removal of the tree off the structure, and
2. The hauling away the debris. Hauling away the debris is typically capped at $500, however, removing the tree off the structure typically has no cap but rather is assessed by what’s known as “reasonable and customary.” When you remove the tree off of the structure yourself, not only do you put your physical health in harm’s way for no monetary reward, but you will also put your job’s priority toward the bottom of any tree service’s list of jobs as they will focus their efforts on jobs where trees still need to be removed to keep people safe.



Removal of the Tree with a Crane

Certain trees need to be removed from a house with a crane. This is not always the case, and it really depends on the weight of the tree, its angle that it is lying on the house, as well as the span from where it is sitting on the ground/stump, to where it is resting on the house. Cranes the time that it takes to remove the tree off a house, but they’re not always 100% necessary as many jobs can be done without them.

Removal of the Tree with a Bobcat

Oftentimes removing a tree off a house can be done either by hand by using ropes and rigging the tree off of neighboring trees, or with a bobcat.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, be safe and do not let you, your children, or pets anywhere near a tree that has fallen, as fallen trees can oftentimes be unstable, even if they’re sitting on or close to the ground. And above all else, do not walk under a tree that is resting on other trees or on your house! It can seem somewhat tempting because the tree may looked stable. However in our experience throughout the years we’ve seen multiple deaths on the news as we’ve traveled the country from homeowners who thought the tree was stable, right before the tree slipped when they were underneath it.

Removal of the tree off of structure can encompass many different line items depending on the situation. We’ve run into many cases where trees needed special support structures built in order to remove them, or cranes, or even for that matter special pathways built in order to get machinery close enough so that the tree could be safely lifted off of the house. Each one of these scenarios comes with its own set of line items that your insurance company will typically cover as long as they are duly noted and verified that they were necessary in the removal of the tree off the house. Read more about insurance coverage.

Tree removal is a necessary part of our sprawling Atlanta tree canopy. However, commission based tree service salesmen don’t get paid unless they sell something. This results in trees being removed with use of scare tactics used on uniformed clients. To us, this seems unethical and wrong.

Within the last two years the Tree Care Industry Association, www.tcia.org, has completely revised their Tree Risk Assessment protocol adopting, from the insurance industry, a standardized tree risk matrix. This matrix gives a substantive answer to the question of exactly “why” the tree should or should not be removed.

We would love to help you come to an informed decision. Schedule a tree risk consultation with one of our I.S.A.Certified Arborists. If removal is required, and you opt to hire us, the cost of our consultation is taken from the price of the job. (As a side note, our crews can handle any job of any size in a safe and secure manner to them and your property.)

If you don’t opt to hire us to remove the tree, that’s ok too. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing the truth about your trees.

We believe that this unbiased approach has helped us attain the most amounts of “A” reviews on all of Angie’s List for the Atlanta area.


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“HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I had a 2-day job of 11 very large trees and various other smaller trees removed to clear my backyard. The price was very fair (lowest of three bids). Professional, skilled, and worked extremely well as a team.”

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