Tree Removal Cost


Tree Removal Cost in Atlanta

The cost of removing a tree can vary significantly. Did the tree fall and cause damage, or does the tree have to be removed but it’s still living? If there is damage because of a fallen tree, is the damage on private property, public property?

Many homeowners want to know if and how much will an insurance company pay to remove a tree off of a house?

Since 1997 we have handled over a thousand insurance claims were trees have fallen on houses. Within that time the one thing that continues to surface is the term Reasonable and customary charges. Generally speaking, your insurance company will pay to remove the tree from your house, but they want to make sure that the price that they are paying will fit under the category of reasonable and customary. What is the definition of reasonable and customary? This will vary from tree to tree. Did the tree need a crane? How many man hours was required? Was there any special stipulations such as building special access ramps or bridges to get in heavy equipment? Was the work done under hazardous conditions? Or at night? was the work done on the weekend requiring after-hour rates? Did the tree service have to reschedule previous jobs in order to get to your emergency job? Each one of these issues, plus a numerous others, create varying costs that will all play into establishing what is “reasonable and customary”.

Your insurance company needs you to stay safe. If you have a heavy tree that is precariously perched on or over your house, typically speaking, they are going to tell you to remove it off of your house and get your property safe. They will tell you to keep receipts.

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