24/7 Emergency Tree Removal in Alpharetta, GA

If a tree falls on your home in Alpharetta, who hears it? Your insurance company will because they'll pay for the tree removal if the tree damaged your home and you call 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service.  If you measure it by weight, we've removed several jumbo jets worth of fallen trees from Alpharetta homes over the years. (We've got some photos below of our tree services.)

We specialize in one thing: emergency tree removal in Georgia as part of our tree service. We serve all of North Georgia, including Alpharetta. Because we work directly with insurance companies and have relationships with most of them, there’s no money up-front (your insurance company pays us).  Our usual dispatch time is about 60 minutes or less, from the time you call us to the time we show up. Because a tree emergency can happen any time of day or night, our tree service is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service now.

Here's a video we shot after removing a fallen tree from a home in Alpharetta a while back.

You can hardly tell a tree fell on the home because (a) we got it off safely and (b) we cleaned up thoroughly (as always). So although there's not much action in the video, we do talk about the insurance coverage of tree removal, and how there's no money out of pocket for you, which may be a concern on your mind right now.

There's a bit more action in this video showing one of our tree services (taken in Fayetteville GA), which shows the power of the Herculean crane we'll wheel to your tree emergency in Alpharetta:

Call us to end your fallen tree emergency with our tree services

If you live in or near Alpharetta and need safe, non-hair-raising emergency tree removal by experienced specialists, call 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service.  Again, we specialize in tree services and ending fallen tree emergencies throughout North Georgia and beyond.

Because we work directly with insurance companies and have relationships with most of them, there’s no money up-front (your insurance company pays us).

Our usual dispatch time is about 60 minutes or less, from the time you call us to the time we show up.  We'll see you on the other side of your tree emergency sooner than you think.

Photos of emergency tree removals in Alpharetta

We've got a couple of terabytes of photos that show us removing trees on houses in Alpharetta alone.  Here are just a few photos from a few recent tree service jobs.

Following a windstorm, a huge oak tree fell on this home in Alpharetta:

This particular job was unusual, in that we had to string a high line between two separate trees in order to make the final cut. This allowed us to separate the large log in the back into two pieces. The larger of the two pieces fell straight to the ground, and the smaller was supported by the crane. The high line allowed the climber to float in the air after he made his cut. Though one of six tree removal techs on this job, he stole all the glory:

This Bradford Pear tree fell on a home off of Timberstone Road in Alpharetta, very near where I (Mark) lived as a kid.

This large maple tree fell during Hurricane Zeta, one of the hundreds of calls we got throughout that memorable disaster. The tree removal service went off without a hitch.

A monster job, with a monster tree that fell on a home during Hurricane Zeta. The first tree plowed into the second one and caused the second one to fall, too. Fun fact: this customer had seen our work for a friend in Roswell, and socked away our name until it came in handy when it mattered.

This is another from Hurricane Zeta, and for it, we deployed our full crew. 3 Leyland cypress trees fell against a house and a fence in Alpharetta. These trees were no match for our Tree Machine and tree services. We were able to get up-close and surgically lift each tree off of the house. There were no holes in the house, and minimal scuffs. Very methodical and by-the-book type of job.

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