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24/7 Emergency Tree Removal in Dunwoody, GA


Uprooted tree on home in Dunwoody, GA

Tree emergencies can occur anytime, which is why 770 Arborist offers emergency tree service in Dunwoody. Our team specializes in 24/7 emergency tree removal and storm damage tree removal.

Our experienced and certified arborists on our team understand the conditions homeowners face in Dunwoody, GA, after a terrible storm hits. Our team treats every call for help as a top priority, enabling us to get to your premises quickly and effectively, removing the fallen trees as soon as possible.

Our Emergency Tree Removal Services

24/7 Emergency Deployment

If a tree has fallen on your property and has caused damage, our team is able to remove it quickly and efficiently. We understand that tree emergencies don’t follow a schedule, so we have our team ready to answer service calls at odd hours. In addition, our team can arrive at your premises in 60 minutes or less.

Part of our service includes stabilizing your roof after removing all the debris and tarping the damaged area. We provide you with a comprehensive tree service in Dunwoody, so we have all your needs covered during a tree emergency. Further, we work directly with your insurance company so you won’t have to pay for the service out of pocket.

Crane Services

At 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service, our team deploys our Herculean cranes to remove trees and branches that fall on your home’s roof. Our cranes can reach up to 108 feet, reaching tall trees and the rooftops of houses. We also use industry-standard equipment and professional tools to address various tree-related issues.

Bill Directly to Insurance

Unlike other service providers, our specialists can bill your insurance carrier for all the services rendered. We’ve been working with many insurance companies through the years, growing partnerships with them. With many insurance claims under our belt, we can offer emergency tree removal in Dunwoody with no upfront payment required.

About this emergency tree removal in Dunwoody

We got the call at 3 pm. We arrived at the home in Dunwoody around 4:15.

The tree was around 32-34 inches in diameter. A massive uprooted oak tree with a trunk that weighed around 17,000 pounds.

Exposed roots of giant fallen tree in Dunwoody, GA

We clipped apart the canopy of the tree and made short work of it.

With some creative rigging we safely removed the large oak stem off of the house. See photos at:

We finished up in the early evening.

Crane lifting fallen tree off of home in Dunwoody, GA

Non-Emergency Services

Apart from providing emergency tree service in Dunwoody, we also provide non-emergency solutions. We offer these services to keep your property safe from falling trees and other debris:

  • Tree Risk Assessment: We assess the trees in your home to gauge if they pose any threat of property damage.
  • Tree Removal: Any tree we find that can damage your home will be uprooted using one of our Herculean cranes before any storm, keeping your property safe and secure.
  • Trimming and Pruning Services: In some cases, you don’t need to cut down a tree to save your home. We can thin and clean canopies, clear out branches that can fall on your roof, prune branches near your windows and perform crown reduction to redirect a tree’s growth away from your house.
  • Tree Appraisals: Insurance companies may require you to appraise the value of the trees on your property. Our team specializes in tree appraisal, providing you with a reasonable and fair price evaluation.


Removing cut tree trunk

Full-Service Emergency Tree Removal Company

Do you need emergency tree removal in Dunwoody? At 770 Arborist Emergency Tree & Crane Service, we provide a complete suite of emergency tree removal services you can rely on, with over 20 years of industry experience. Call 1-770-272-6747 today or fill out this contact form for a free estimate.

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