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Our love of trees can overshadow what a risk they can be. Every year several hundred people die from tree-related accidents, many set off by a weather event.  Many more people are injured in accidents involving trees.  All of that means you’re liable for the trees on your property.

We’re a commercial tree service for all occasions, but most often we help out with:

  • Apartment complexes and rental properties
  • Commercial buildings
  • Homeowners’ associations.
  • Shopping centers
  • Paving companies
  • Municipalities

Get an assessment of your trees from a reliable source, and get the information you need to triage your tree risk while helping you maximize your profits.

We’ve worked on many of these projects throughout the Atlanta Metro Area and as consulting arborists for the City of Johns Creek. When you trust us with your tree concerns, you’re putting your property in good hands. 

Tree Risk Assessment

Every tree on your property represents some element of risk. But it makes no sense to cut down every tree.  We’re Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).  Some trees we may need to remove, whereas others may require “surgery,” whereas others just need a little maintenance or are safe as they are.  We’ll work to help you meet expected standards of safety, allowing you to save money, mitigate risks, and take care of your customers at the same time.

We evaluate four factors to assess any given tree on your property:

1. Time. First we establish a timeframe for a potential tree failure. Is it a year? Is it five years? Is it 10 years?   Give it enough time and every single tree eventually will fall over.  So the first thing in assessing risk is determining what timeframe we are looking at?

2. Target. What is the tree most likely to hit?  The pool?  A tennis court?  A resident’s or customer’s car?

3. Likely Defects or Causes of Failure. We determine what’s most likely to turn the tree into a problem.  Is it already leaning? Is it covered in carpenter ants (a major indication of decay)? Does it have a weak structure? Some problems won’t be obvious to the naked eye, of course.  That’s one reason that is is best to send a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (T.R.A.Q.) Arborist to walk the property and assess which trees may be trouble. Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (T.R.A.Q.) Arborist trained and experienced in spotting tree defects to help lower the liability of the commercial property owner.

4. Consequences of Failure and Impact. We know what parts of trees tend to break first, how they break, how trees tend to fall, and the “chain reactions” a falling or fallen tree can set off.  We assess questions like: What’s likely to happen if the tree falls? What might be damaged? Who might be hurt? What kind of monetary effect might that have?  After the assessment of the tree’s  physical properties, our Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (T.R.A.Q.) Arborist will explain the findings so that you can make the most informed decision in managing the risk.

Benefits of the TRAQ Approach

You can feel confident knowing we’ll never try to talk you into an unnecessary procedure. Based on our 20-plus years of experience, we will give you as much info as possible and try to help you mitigate risk.

  • If you’re a property manager, you’ll maximize your investment dollars by keeping your rentals rentable and in good condition.
  • If you’re a commercial builder, you’ll have an opportunity to plan your community in a way that minimizes potential tree damage before the first foundation is poured.
  • If you’re part of a HOA, we’ll help you control leaning trees, trees that may threaten the safety and property of client homeowners, and trees that might interfere with streets and common areas.
  • If you own shopping centers or strip malls, by keeping the lines of sight clear on low hanging branches and overgrown bushes, we can help you minimize liability in reducing the presence of vagrants on the property.
  • If you own a paving company, we’ll help you stay clear of critical root zones throughout the course of your project, and we’ll help when trees get in the way of stoplight installment.
  • If you work for a local municipality, you’ll want reputable arborist to refer to homeowners or to assess tree risks on city-owned property. We can serve as your official consulting arborist on other city projects, too.

You might not always like what we have to say – everyone always hopes all the trees on a property are fine – but we will always preach the Tree Truth.  Our job is to give you all the facts and our assessment, and to help you carry out the best option. 

Tree Trimming

Often tree removal isn’t necessary, but you need the trees trimmed for safety reasons. Trees tend to block the light, or stretch out over pools, playsets, parking lots, the sides of the road, and tennis courts.   We also prune to maintain clearance around dwellings, so as to keep branches away from rooftops.

We don’t view pruning as yeoman’s work: We still send Certified Arborists to do it.  Pruning is often the most cost-effective way to mitigate risk and to prevent other problems from developing in the future, so it’s worth getting it right the first time.

Tree Removal

Sometimes removal is the only good option. Some trees have irreparable defects or damage. We’ve got world-class tree removal equipment – including cranes – to help us complete your job safely and efficiently.

We also remove or clear lower limbs from bushes. Sometimes bushes can become so high they become makeshift shelters for drug addicts and vagrants (and critters). Byh keeping the lines of site clear, we can help you protect residents, employees, and customers from bad encounters.

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“Remarkable service! They give straight forward and trustworthy advice. The recommendations were clear and concise, and they took the time to educate me on my options and their rationale. My advice is simple, if you have tree issues, hire these guys!”

Michael D.

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“HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I had a 2-day job of 11 very large trees and various other smaller trees removed to clear my backyard. The price was very fair (lowest of three bids). Professional, skilled, and worked extremely well as a team.”

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“Top notch 1st class professional company that does exactly what they say. They were at our house promptly on the weekend for an emergency tree removal. Thanks again!”

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“This company is the benchmark for tree care, absolutely top drawer in every area. My unqualified recommendation.”

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“They had the entire tree removed and chipped in under an hour. No damage to my property or my neighbors! Anyway I can not say enough good things about this experience.”

Matthew H.

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