24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal Near Nashville with Crane - Call 615-420-9119

770 Arborist offers 24-hour emergency tree removal service near Nashville. Call our emergency "red phone" at 615-420-9119. We're here to help post-tornado.

If the violent tornado and storm in the Nashville - Mt. Juliet area knocked a tree onto your home and damaged it, give us a call at 615-420-9119. We’ll remove the tree from your structure and submit a bill that your insurance company will pay for. We’ve remedied tree disasters and made properties safer for over 20 years, and we know how to work directly with your insurance and ensure that your claim gets covered. We have handled more than 1000 insurance claims, and we provide 24-hour emergency tree removal in and near Nashville. We have the only crane bigger and stronger than the tree, and the expertise to make saving your home look easy. Read on to find out more, or call us now - day or night.

Removing a fallen tree in Nashville in March 2020

Top 7 Reasons to Choose 770 Arborist:

  1. We've safely removed trees since 1997. We make hairy situations end without incident. We specialize in guiding dangerous trees down smoothly. Whether on the ground or high in the air, each 770 Arborist is a Captain Sully Sullenberger.
  2. We're certified arborists. Not out-of-work landscapers with chainsaws.
  3. We stick to our quotes. What we quote you is what we'll bill you.
  4. Our reviews. Read what our customers say, if you haven't already.
  5. We pick up promptly and guide you through the next steps.
  6. We can get to your property fast, and get to work fast. We're based in the Atlanta area, but our service area includes greater Nashville.

Call 770 Arborist for emergency tree removal in and near Nashville any time, 24/7.

A tree just fell on my house! Should I call my adjuster or my insurance agent?

In almost all cases your insurance company will have a national claims number that will help you through the claims process. Even though agents sell you the policy, it is not their expertise to help you through the claims process. Sure, they are friendly and have sold you the policy, but helping you through the claims process is really not their responsibility for their area of expertise. Insurance companies typically would have you go through the National number anyway, because the claims department is much more fluent with all the nuances and intricacies of handling different types of claims. We have found that when customers call their agents, this typically slows down the process as local claims offices are often overwhelmed with calls that not only can they not get too, but the ones that they do they simply redirect to the National claims number anyway.

The team at 770-Arborist has removed trees off houses with cranes in over 17 natural disasters from Texas to Connecticut.
Since 1997 we’ve worked directly with State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, USAA, American Family, Nationwide and many others.
In 17 years we’ve learned that there are many nuances in claims arising from tree damage.

What Some of Our Emergency Tree Service Customers Say

"Waking up to a tree through your garage is not the way anyway wants to start their Saturday. Especially when it is snowing. I called 770 Arborist and within half an hour they had a crew out here to remove the tree. Mark was great to work with. The tree was off and the roof was tarped the same day. Excellent service; both in tree removal and explaining what to expect with my home owners insurance. Would recommend and will use for any future needs." - Patrick Robertson

"After a limb the size of a tree narrowly missed the house but landed on the deck and patio, I made 3 calls to local tree services. 2 called back and 1 I never heard from. Mark with 770Arborist simply made the most sense. He was reassuring and logical. After sending him pics he was confident about insurance coverage ( which I had not had to do ..... ever) with the top end of the ‘limb’ blocking my garages- he came out and cleared this the same day- and immediately made arrangements for the entire limb/ and its parent tree to be taken down and disposed of by day 2. The entire cost was covered by insurance thanks to their expertise and experience. I hope I don’t have another urgency for their service, but I’ll be using them again for the other trees that need help." - Christina Chapman Townsend

"We had a tree fall down during Irma that ended up on our garage roof. The response by Mark was amazing and so quick. He was able to fit us in so that we could get cars out of garage and hauled off the tree within 24 hours of me calling him. I called several places before I got 770 Arborist, all went to a voice mail. When 770 Arborist who answered the phone heard there was a tree on top of our house told me to hold while she contacted Mark to find out when he could come assess our situation she won me over. We have had three trees fall in our yard since we have lived here and 770 Arborists has been by far the best with regards to customer service. Very happy with the crew and job completed. Shocked at how quickly they made it happen when trees were down all over the place. Call them for all your needs, great company!" - Julie Franklin

"I emailed Lance when a tree was blown partially down in my backyard. It was around dinnertime but he returned my call almost as soon as I tapped send. I was worried the tree would fall down because it would hit my deck and the back of the house. He was very patient and said he would send out a team in the morning. They came out the next day, cut the tree down, moved the debris to the front curb, and ordered a truck to have it all hauled away by a truck within two days. I felt the price was also reasonable. I would definitely do business with 770-Arborist again!" - Karen Landis