Virginia Emergency Tree Removal Service Near You

Southwest and Central Virginia are in hurricane alley, but all of the Old Dominion regularly gets storms that knock down trees and large limbs, often on homes.

The time has passed for tree pruning and other preventive measures the typical local tree service can do just fine.  Now that a tree has fallen onto your property, you need an emergency tree service – one that specializes in getting trees off of homes safely and swiftly.  That requires special experience, expertise, and equipment.  That’s where 770 Arborist Emergency Crane & Tree Service can come in. We’re based in Georgia (where we’re minor celebrities in the tree space), but we travel to where homeowners need us to parachute in, remove the tree quickly, and prevent further damage to their homes.

We offer emergency tree removal to homeowners throughout Virginia, including in the areas of Roanoke, Blacksburg, Lynchburg, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, Charlottesville, Richmond, the Tidewater region, and NOVA.

If a tree has fallen on your property and damaged it, call our “red phone” at 404-609-0300. We’ll remove the tree from your structure and submit a bill that your insurance company will pay for.  We’ve remedied tree disasters and made properties safer for 25 years, and we know how to work directly with your insurance and ensure that your claim gets covered. We have handled more than 1000 insurance claims (closer to 2000).

The Tree Machine can handle the whole leafy lineup

Virginia has some majestic trees: Bald cypress, cherrybark oak, white oak, southern red oak, southern live oak, willow oak, American sycamore, pecan trees, black walnut trees. They’re beautiful until one has fallen on your home, letting in the elements and all kinds of chaos.

The Tree Machine is our company-owned tree crane capable of lifting up to 44,100 pounds of like it was a corn dog. It requires zero rigging of ropes, can maneuver in tight areas, and even protects your grass. We’re certified arborists, licensed insurance adjusters, and tree emergency specialists, so in our hands the Tree Machine is the one tool we need to end your tree emergency quickly and without courting further disaster.

$0 out of pocket

As we mentioned, we work directly with your insurance company to ensure that you don’t pay out-of-pocket. We have an understanding with insurance companies, such that they know if we’re involved, then the fallen tree is a covered event that your homeowner’s insurance policy is responsible for. 

Just call the red phone: (404) 609-0300.  You’ll speak with a live human being.  If you’ve got a tree emergency, many in your community probably also do, which means we’ve probably already got a crew in your part of Virginia already.

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