Will herbicide kill my trees?

“Will herbicide kill my trees”?

Many times were asked “Will herbicide kill my trees”?

The answer is twofold. If herbicide is applied correctly, it should not kill your tree.  However, if you spray herbicide waterspouts coming out of the tree’s roots it definitely can kill your trees.

Also, if you spray herbicide onto exposed roots, especially on to expose roots that have open wounds, then the tree will absorb the poison and the herbicide can kill your tree.

I was out at a clients house this afternoon and had a great example of a cherry tree that had exposed roots, as well as a waterspout coming off of those roots.  If herbicide was sprayed anywhere in that general area, likely you would get drift onto both the root and onto the water sprouts coming out of the root.  in either case, it could definitely kill the tree.

The take away? Don’t apply herbicide indiscriminately to anything and everything growing beneath the tree. Make sure you know the plant material that you are targeting to ensure that you’re not applying herbicide on to the tree itself.

If you live in the greater Atlanta metro area and have any questions about your trees, please feel free to call me.




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