Pay It Forward

Canton Family Life Publishing has encouraged us to join with them in their Pay-It-Forward giving campaign.

This is a concept that I am fully on board with.  So much so that in 2012-13 I had built a business directory called Paynate, that facilitated the redirection of would-be advertising money to charities.

Anyway, the Paynate never gained traction, but I still love the idea of giving 10% to your church or charity.

So, here is our offer in the video below:


In case you are interested, here was Paynat…

Please donate my advertising dollars to your church or charity! from Mark Russell on Vimeo.

About Mark Russell

Mark Russell is an ISA Certified Arborist working in the Metro Atlanta area. Mark got started in the tree care industry in 1997 and continues to offer the highest quality in tree assessments, Pruning, Treatments, Fertilizing, cabling, and removals.

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